GNS3 1.0 Alpha 5!

It seems like it was just a couple of days ago that GNS3 1.0 Alpha 4 came out, and already the team at GNS3 are back with another new update.GNS3 1.0 Alpha 5

What’s new in GNS3 1.0 Alpha 5?

  • VPCS support (only version >= 0.5b1, available on
  • Fixed console port errors when loading a project.
  • Fixed startup-config errors when loading a project.
  • Fixed minor issues on Mac OS X (DMG file coming soon).
  • IOU default startup-configs for layer 2 and layer 3 images. Allowing for faster loading times too.
  • Option to prevent starting the local server when opening the GUI.
  • Prevent devices to be started, stopped or suspended if their status is not right
  • More checks for cloud connections.
  • Show item coordinates in the status bar.
  • Amend device configs (hostname) when renaming.
  • UDP connection checks.

So some cool stuff here, especially the Virtual PC Simulator support, and more hints that the Mac OSX version is about to drop imminently. I am certainly looking forward to the Mac OSX version, hopefully the separation of gui from workload (i.e. IOU) will mean that my Macbook Air fans wont sound like that are about to send my laptop into the air like an aeroplane. I won’t be switching to it on my iMac just yet as I need the current version for writing my next book.

Things are moving along at a pretty rapid pace over at GNS3 HQ, they are making great strides! Well done guys!