GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6 – Mac OS X support is back!

GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6 is out today and with it is native Mac OS X support!

The full list of changes in the latest alpha release is:

  • Mac OS X DMG package (Only tested on OSX Mavericks).
  • New host names management.
  • New project dialog (in preparation for cloud support).
  • Logs saved to files (GNS3_client.log and GNS3_server.log).
  • Relative paths support for IOS/IOU images in project files. Fixed decoding errors when reading device configs.
  • Fixed privileged access checks for IOU.
  • Fixed validation issue with c2600 XM chassis.
  • Fixed VPCS start on Linux/UNIX. Fixed Ethernet hub when loading a project.
And here we are running the new version, natively on my Macbook Air:
GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6
About GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6
It runs perfectly fine on my Macbook Air, but I do think that this machine is a bit underpowered for running anything intensive, with just the below set up my fan sounds like a small engine trying to take off!
GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6 Mac OSX routers
With a medium sized topology my CPU is pretty maxed out.
GNS3 1.0 Alpha 6 Mac OSX CPU
The routers are all running natively in GNS3 though, if I were to harness the new ability of GNS3 1.0 to work with IOU then I could offload the running of the routers to a more suitable server, and leave all the fun stuff (GUI and configuration) to run on my laptop. The original GNS3 runs great on my iMac though, and it’s nice to have a native version of the new alpha release.


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