BGP book topology updated for GNS3 1.0! MPLS book coming soon!

BGP for Cisco Networks & GNS3 1.0

I had a request hit my inbox last month for the topology for my book “BGP for Cisco Networks” to be updated for GNS3 1.0.

I must confess that with trying to finish off “MPLS for Cisco Networks”, which is looking great and should be out soon(ish), I didn’t do this very quickly.
But thanks to a great guy called Dan over at GNS3 and his nifty python based converter I have been able to do this in under half an hour.

So thanks Dan!

If you are currently using GNS3 1.0 and want to load up the topology, its available in the Downloads section.


MPLS for Cisco Networks

The MPLS book is taking a lot longer than the first, for a number of reasons.

I had a pretty good grounding in BGP when I started, but not so much with MPLS, and MPLS feels like such a bigger subject, the book is certainly longer if that’s anything to go by!

I have learnt some things from the first book, mainly due to the comments made by my readers, so there will be more diagrams, more configurations, and hopefully a sense of being part of the book, rather than just a reader… That last bit should make more sense when you read it.

I am just finishing off a couple of bits; VPLS, OTV, IPv6 for VRF-Lite, and need to do the troubleshooting chapter – which is all planned out, and then its a matter of proofing, sending over to my technical ed, and then publishing!

Again topologies will be available in GNS3 0.8 first, with GNS31.0 and ViRL (whenever that eventually turns up) at a later stage.

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