GNS3 vs. IOU poll – who won?

I have been running a poll on the site to determine whether people would prefer the next volume (Multicast and QoS) to be designed for IOU or, like the previous three volumes, for GNS3.

At the start, IOU steamed ahead, but then GNS3 started to catch up.

The poll has now closed. We had 67 people take part. The end result?

IOU won by a large margin.

If it had won by any more, then the pie chart would look like Pacman.

So the book will be designed for…


Here’s why.

  1. On the basis that if people are using IOU, then they will have probably heard of UNetLab.
  2. If people have IOU images in IOU, they can be used in UNetLab.
  3. UNetLab offers support for more systems then IOU, therefore we can have a Linux VM and PROPERLY test multicast AND QoS.
The thing about Multicast (and QoS) that it is hard, in a closed environment such as IOU, or even when you are restricted to just using routers and switches, is that you have to take output as an indication of whether something is working or not. If you could actually see a multicast stream, i.e. a video file playing on VLC, then it’s easier to see cause and effect.
UNetLab will allow for a nicer book, we’ll be able to see video being multicasted, and also implement QoS restrictions on this as well, rather than just seeing an ICMP response.
It’ll be fun, as networking should be.