Learning SD-WAN with Cisco takes you through the creation of a complete SD-WAN network, comprising three sites (one HQ and two regional offices).

You will learn:

  • Why SD-WAN came about and the technologies it replaced
  • How to set up EVE-NG and create the Smart account you will need to get the software
  • How to deploy vManage in single and clustered mode
  • What the overlay network is
  • How to deploy vBond, vSmart and the edge devices
  • Why templates are great
  • How to perform routing across the SD-WAN
  • Implement QoS and policies
  • How to perform upgrades
  • Lots about Security
  • Management and operational-type things
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • How to hot-wire a Zamboni
  • Thirteen different cupcake recipes
  • Why hot-wiring a Zamboni is not a great idea

Ok, so maybe not the last three, but the rest is all there.

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Learning SD-WAN with Cisco Downloads

Apress hasn’t (at the time of writing) uploaded the EVE-NG file to their website as it says in the book, so here it is instead.