IGPs update

The IGPs book is well underway, and I am really pleased with how it’s shaping up.

I have finished the first draft of the chapter on RIP and am deep into EIGRP at the moment.

Here’s a look at (part of) the topology, if you are interested:

IGPs topology (so far)

The above topology does just cover RIP and EIGRP, it will expand as OSPF and IS-IS are added.

I still reckon the book finished around the summer.

So, here is a question to you guys and girls. Would you be interested in a Kindle eBook presale?

I can’t do a printed presale but can do Kindle.

Would you be interested in a Kindle eBook pre-order?

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In other news, I am working my way through the VXLANs book. Interesting stuff!


Stay well.


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