Volume 3: VPNs and NAT

With just a mere 45 days until my lab exam, I am happy to announce that the third volume in the Routing and Switching series; VPNs and NAT for Cisco Networks, has been published to the Kindle store today.

Getting the Kindle formatting has been much easier this time around, as I have used Kindle Textbook Creator, taking the printed version’s PDF file, and converting straight from that.

The end result is that it looks the same as the print version (which should be available in a couple of days) which is out now.

VPNs and NAT for Cisco Networks
This volume starts off with basic GRE tunnels, and build them into an IPSec-secured, optimized and tuned DMVPN network. We also look at “standard” site to site VPNs, before moving onto NAT, and IPv6 transition mechanisms.

I have kept the cost the same as the other volumes, and as usual, it’s closely aligned with the CCIE Routing and Switching v5 syllabus. That said, I hope that it is accessible to readers of any level.

I am currently working on volume 4 (Multicast and QoS), and looking at volume 5 (Services). Volume 5 will, most likely, be the end of this series. I could go further, such as IPv6 and the IGPs, but to be honest I don’t see that happening at the moment, as after volumes 4 and 5 I have another two books in mind, which are not (directly) related to the Routing and Switching track. This is, of course, unless anyone has any excellent ideas for more books, then I am all ears!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


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