UNetLab Competition winner announced!

I recently ran a little UNetLab competition to design a lab over on the forum. The idea behind it was to try and raise the profile of UNetLab, give it a bit more exposure in a different way and so that people could see it’s potential.

We had three entries. Not the earth shattering 100’s I was hoping for, but it certainly made the job of picking a winner much easier!

The cool thing is that each entrant picked a different level of ability:

Luis picked CCNA:
CCNA UNetLab Competition
Nikita chose CCNP:
CCNP UNetLab Competition
Peter chose a CCIE level:
UNetLab Competition
This made it much harder to choose a winner, though.

Should the winner be chosen just because it is more complex? Not really, that would not be fair. Each should be judged on its own merits.

Luis did a great job a VLSM, clearly, a lot of thought went into that.

Nikita threw in some troubleshooting, which was a great idea!

Peter build an entire infrastructure and really pushed the boundary!

Who won the UNetLab Competition?

So with the variation of designs and different target audiences, it’s very hard to pick an outright winner. Clearly, a lot of effort was made by each of you.

Therefore (because I am in a jolly mood) each of you will get all three volumes of the books. Each of you will have your labs added to the official UNetLab distribution. Each of you will get a T-shirt.

Peter’s t-shirt will be changed, though, to say “I won the #UNetLab challenge”.

Send me a private message on the forum with your addresses and preferred t-shirt size and I will get the goodies ordered. I’ll let you know when they have been sent, and supply tracking information, if possible.

Well done to everyone who took part. Stay tuned for more competitions.


  1. hellt November 10, 2015
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  7. Peter Sithole December 18, 2015
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  10. Stuart Fordham December 30, 2015