Changing URL handlers in OSX

A little background first, the default (native) OSX VNC program sucks when trying to use it with UNetLab. Chicken of the VNC, on the other hand, works great. But there is nowhere in Chicken to set it as the default app. Therefore we need a way of changing URL handlers.

There is a little program that will come to the rescue, and this is RCDefaultApp. It is a little download and installs an app (Default Apps) in the System Preferences.

OSX System Preferences

From there you have a much more granular control over what gets launched. For example, I can now set Chicken to be the default app for VNC connections:

Changing URL handlers

Now when I click on a VNC node in UNL, it launches Chicken instead. I still need to click “Connect”, but it launches Chicken:

UNetLab VNC Chicken OSX


This makes life much easier!

This does not allow the addition of custom handlers, though. So this means that we can’t add one for Wireshark. But I have that solved, and once it’s tidied up a bit, I’ll do a post for it.


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