Month one done, eleven to go

So August has come and passed, of my goal of gaining CCIE-dom within twelve months I now have eleven months left.

So where am I? well, I think that my original idea of one chapter a month of the Odom book was a little, well, how can I say, “light” in respects to how far that book alone would get me. It’s a great book, don’t get me wrong, and it should be the first book that gets read along the journey, but I don’t think it will be the only book that gets read. So with that in mind, my study plan has evolved.

CCIE Revised study plan

My new study plan includes the following:

For every chapter I read of the Odom book I will read a chapter on the same topic from another book listed in the CCIE book list.

Example – I have just finished chapter 7 of the Odom book, and am now reading chapter 7 of the Routing TCP/IP volume 1 by Jeff Doyle (both are about EIGRP).

This way I think it will help solidify the knowledge.

As I just mentioned I am now finished chapter 7 in the CCIE exam book, so already am ahead in that respects of the original study plan. If I keep up this rate then I should finish that book within a few months, and can then read other books, or just start with the actual practice.

CCIE lab hardware

My lab equipment purchasing is nearly finished, I only have 17 DB60 cables to get and then its completed. I am still under the budget of £1000, so that’s no too bad really, it’s all come via eBay and I did get some good bargains! I hope to post some pictures soon… Once I clear some room in the study!

CCIE and home life

It is starting to feel that there is another member of the family. It now feels like it’s all about spending “quality time” with my wife, our two boys and my studies. To be honest sometimes the last thing I want to do when I come home is to have my nose in a book, but then I know that if I don’t then I won’t pass. So sometimes it is a push to get the studying done.

CCIE and work life

I am quite blessed in that the company I work for are behind me in this venture. It is also for their interest (obviously) as having a CCIE within their ranks will a) look good to clients if they ask, and b) potentially reduce the contractors we have bought in to do things. I do get some time to study at work (occasionally), and as the majority of the work I am doing is either CCIE level, or actually something on the CCIE syllabus, so it’s a pretty copasetic existence.

Anyway, enough chat, back to the reading!