CCIE R&S written (400-101) passed

After months of cramming I finally got around to sitting the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam (400-101).

I got to the testing centre nice and early, and sat waiting to be taken through to the room. I wasn’t feeling all that nervous, the only nerves were all around the cost of having to resit it if I failed.

Once in the room we go through all the usual identity checks, drivers license, something else with signature, do two more signatures and have my photo taken. Then we are in the room and I sit down.

The invigilator signs in and we wait for the system to start. It hangs, and they have to call up the support people. This is when I start to get nervous, well, more anxious than nervous. I really don’t want to wait for another day of the system decides to muck about.

I am told that this happened a few days ago, and they had to wait twenty minutes for resolution. It’s cold in the room, and I could do with a cup of coffee.

Thankfully they get through pretty quickly, and get the issue sorted.

The exam starts.

Obviously I can’t say what was tested on the exam (I signed the NDA, so I won’t discuss the questions), but just compare the written objectives to the lab objectives and you can get an idea of what’s more likely to crop up on the written.

The format is nothing new, 100 or so questions, some single choice answers, some multiple choice answers, and a whole bunch of drag and drops.

I was finished in about half an hour.

I have had issues in the past where the score report is not shown on the screen when its all done, this has happened more than once, and quite frankly, is very annoying. This didn’t happen this time, and my score, which was pretty good was shown on the screen.

I got up from my seat, ready to grab my things and get back to the office, forgetting that I needed to fill in the survey at the end of the quiz.

Survey done, sign out, grab stuff and head off.

Now it’s on to studying for the lab.

I have just bought a 26GB 1U server to run ESXi and IOU on, which should serve nicely for when I do the CCIE Service Provider exams (which is my plan for after finishing the Routing and Switching).

One step closer!


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