Month nine done – I wrote a book!

I decided a few months back that in order to do well in the CCIE exam that I would need to know the various protocols like the back of my hand.

Several pages of BGP notes soon started to become a mountain of papers, and in the end, it seemed pretty obvious that this was starting to look more and more like a book.

So why not I thought. So three months later I gave just published my first book “BGP for Cisco Networks”. It’s available on the Amazon kindle book stores across the world, and for what I believe to be a very reasonable price – around the same price as a decent cup of coffee.

It presents a large topology to worm through and will take you from basic iBGP and eBGP peer creation through to all the advanced topics such as multiprotocol BGP, dynamic peering, BGP security, and loads if ither good stuff.
It’s closely aligned with the CCIE v5 exam topics, and I hope it will be the start of a series.
If you have a Kindle Fire then I have made it part of the borrowers library so you can borrow it for thirty days without having to pay a penny!

You can get it from the store here, or from here.

I hope you enjoy it!


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