O CCIE where art thou?

A friend of mine, Bernd, has just started a new site, and I think it’s a neat idea.

Meet Bernd:

Ok, that’s actually Bernd’s bookshelf, but I have been waiting for an excuse to post this cool photo he sent me.

Anyway, Bernd has started a website called cciemap.com. You can go there and add your CCIE details (which will then be verified), and see how many other CCIEs are near to you.

So far it’s just me and him:

Think of the possibilities!

You could meet up for coffee or a beer (other drinks are also available, please ask your waitress), you can chat about access-lists and what is your favorite subnet (mine is, or even something interesting.

I think it’s a cool idea.

Please, if you have a CCIE, visit the site and get yourself added on.


  1. Bernd September 10, 2015
  2. Carlos Ibarra May 15, 2016