CCIE by the numbers

As the CCIE Hall of Fame has recently been updated, I thought it would be fun to get a bit of a breakdown of the current state of play and see what the trends are.

It’s not a perfect list, the numbers are only as good as the data, and not everyone is listed on the website, but the percentages will probably be about right. I would also like to thank Marc La Porte for maintaining the HOF and I am sure that it is no easy task!

According to Brad Reese, around 23% are not active or suspended. this includes very notable and revered engineers such as Ivan Pepelnjak. So while the numbers below are not perfect, they do give a decent view of the CCIE as it breaks down.

There are 17434 CCIEs listed on the website, and the current numbers are in the 53000’s (or above), so clearly a big gap between those on the HOF, and how many there are, but again, if we look at the percentages, rather than then number, it’ll probably be pretty close (unless the missing 40,000 all have the Data Center certification or something like that).

1868 were listed as “not verifiable”, this is around 10% and accounts for the discrepancies.

Double and triple trouble…

So, of the 17434 CCIEs on the HOF, how many have more than one CCIE?


# of certifications Number Percentage
1 13373 76.71
2 1636 9.38
3 411 2.36
4 84 0.48
5 33 0.19
6 13 0.07
7 13 0.07
8 2 0.01

Just under one-quarter of CCIEs hold more than one certification.


What are the most popular CCIE tracks?


Track Number Percentage
Routing and Switching 11722 67.24
Service Provider 1872 10.74
Security 1864 10.69
Voice 1112 6.38
Data Center 893 5.12
Collaboration 590 3.38
Wireless 188 1.08
Storage 121 0.69

Then we have older tracks, such as WAN Switching (286 / 1.64%) and ISP Dial (108 / 0.62%).

It is hardly surprising that R&S is the more popular. Service Provider and Security are about the same at just under 11% each. It is quite surprising that the others are so low, though, but then this is usually the case with specialist areas.

Anyway, hope this was mildly interesting… I am back off to my CCIE Security notes.