BGP for Cisco Networks for IOU!

Hot on the heels of releasing the topology for BGP for Cisco Networks for GNS3 1.0 Beta comes the topology for IOU-WEB.

Firstly I must say that I did not create this, not that this is any form of get-out-clause, but because all the thanks go to a great guy, who has done a GREAT job on it, it really does look fantastic!

I mean check this out, how good does this look?

That’s one lovely diagram there.  I wish my Visio diagrams looked that good!

Along with the IOU topology is a Visio drawing of the topology.

I have updated the downloads section for the book with the links to the files. Now it’s just waiting for ViRL to be released and we have every platform covered!

I am very thankful to the guy who has done this, and he’s offered to do the IOU typologies for the MPLS volume as well. If they look anything like the ones that he’s done for the BGP book then they will be great as well!

Either way I will be sending him a free copy of the MPLS book when it’s published. I have just completed a couple of chapters this week, and this weekend should finish another, then it’s just one last chapter to do, which is all planned out, then ready for proofing and publishing!

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