UNetLab 0.9.0-68 is out, with cool new stuff!

I feel like a kind of voyeur watching the UNL guys at work. I am kind of at the periphery of the group, I pitch in when I can, and I know what I bring/will bring to the table, and that will be in paperback format, it just takes time. But it’s kinda fun watching them work. I am still very much in awe of the stuff they are pulling off, and all still while maintaining their regular jobs.
And boy, do they work hard. What is really cool is that all that fun stuff that you guys request does get considered, and if suitable, implemented.

Version 0.9.0-68 has just been released, with some big changes, more fixes, more features and more support!

Let’s have a look at the fixes first.

In this release there are fixes to:

  • Issues with Dynamips nodes not exporting the startup-config
  • IGMP/Multicast issues using bridges
  • Performance related fixes (including Alcatel, Juniper and Windows)

Already UNL is making some noise in it’s handling of resources (memory/CPU). UNetLab ┬ácompletely spanked VIRL when running the same number of XRv routers, and did really well running 6 instances of the 7750SR routers.

So, new features, well, there are some really cool additions with this release:

You can import and export labs! Now you can create your own and post them on a website, share them with you friends, or send them to your grandmother!

You can now move, clone and rename labs. Nice little feature, and here’s a video about it:

Saving the best for last.. we now have Wireshark integration! How awesome is that? Here’s another video on that very subject:

You can watch more videos on the UNetLab YouTube channel.

Lastly we get to new supported images, and entering the UNL family this time we have:

  • Cisco ACS
  • Cisco Context Directory Agent
  • Cisco ISE
  • Cisco vNAM
  • Cumulus VX
  • Linux (generic)
  • MikroTik RouterOS
  • Ostinato Traffic Generator

I am very pleased to see Linux on the list!

As you can see from the videos, the interface is also going through some tweaks. It’s clean and makes navigation much easier.

How do you get this wicked shiny new release? Just follow the steps here to update UNetLab.