UNetLab topologies now available.

It seems that (and I am very thankful for this) UNetLab is making strong gains in popularity, as it should.

Whilst I do get the occasional email asking for setup help with GNS3 (which I am more than happy to do), I get far more emails asking when the book topologies will be available for UNetLab.

So, now that things have quietened down a bit, I have had time to do this.

On the relevant pages (above, under the Books menu) there are links for the files for the main topologies for all the books.

They are also here, to make it easier.

To import them you just need to create a folder called 802101 (you don’t really have to have a folder, but it makes it neater):

Once that’s done go into the folder and then import an external object. Make sure its the whole zip file!

Then you should get a nice bunch of new labs:

The download links are below.

UNetLab Topology download links:

BGP for Cisco Networks
MPLS for Cisco Networks
VPNs and NAT for Cisco Networks


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