UNetLab on the go (using a tablet for labbing)

Usually I will be on my laptop or desktop when I am labbing, but I was giving the boys a bath yesterday and wanted to troubleshoot something. I could not just leave them in the bath, so I grabbed my Kindle (HD 10). It’s on the WiFi, so I have access to my UNetLab interface, but could not guarantee I would have access to the nodes.

There are some constraints, in that it needs to be of a certain size, a minimum of 922px wide,¬†otherwise, you’ll see some errors, but holding it horizontally, UNL works very well.

UNetLab on tablet

Excuse the colors, I forgot to turn off BlueShade mode.

Using Chrome I could log in, and as I have JuiceSSH I can click on a node, and the SSH client pops up.


This is great, as it means I can VPN to my router, from the Fire, and connect to the nodes. Typing in the JuiceSSH client is fine, it’s responsive, and you can launch multiple sessions, its not tabbed though, but maybe something like ServerAuditor would be quicker when switching between sessions, but there is no guarantee that it will integrate seamlessly like JuiceSSH does.

So, if you are looking for a suitable UNL-friendly tablet, the Kindle Fire 10 works very well. I have not found how to get VNC access yet. Not seamless anyway. I could get the link and manually connect, but that’s not ideal. Thankfully, most of the nodes will be using telnet instead of VNC, so thats probably about 85% of what I need being covered. Still, the 15% that still need VNC would be nice to get working. I will keep trying and update this page when I find a solution.

The Kindle Fire is a nice bit of kit, I love reading on it, but not study books, I much prefer to have the physical book in my hand for that. It’s pretty reasonable as well, it will happily stream stuff to watch, and because it has expandable storage, I can load it up with study videos.

I am sure that there is a wealth of other tablets that can run UNetLab, more importantly, have the integration possibilities to run the SSH and VNC clients as well. Not sure about the iPad, as they are a little bit more sand-boxed, but maybe someone else has got it running.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who is running UNetLab on a tablet, so please comment below with the make/model, and SSH and VNC clients you are using, and I will update the below table!

Click on the price to take you to the Store site.


Model Price Telnet/SSH Client VNC Client
Kindle Fire HD 10 price JuiceSSH Not found yet


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