Unetlab image folder naming convention

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I need to start off by saying that I don’t claim credit for this, “Anonymous” left a comment on a previous post about First steps with Unetlab. However, I fat fingered clicking “Publish” and deleted it instead, so thank you to whoever left the comment, apologies I deleted it by mistake!

Thankfully, I still have the details of the comment – so here they are (I have tidied it up a little, but have not added or removed anything):

Thanks to Stuart Fordham below URL on 

After which below is what I found.
The image directory is based on below mandatory reference node (case-sensitive as you mentioned in your above URL. ASA post follow by “-“, then XXX which is any characters ASA/ASAv is asa-XXX /asav-XXX IPS is cips-XXX

Below is the reference node in UNL: “/opt/unetlab/html/includes/init.php”

[‘clearpass’, ‘Aruba ClearPass’],
[‘timos’, ‘Alcatel 7750 SR’],
[‘veos’, ‘Arista vEOS’],
[‘cpsg’, ‘CheckPoint Security Gateway VE’],
[‘asa’, ‘Cisco ASA’],
[‘asav’, ‘Cisco ASAv’],
[‘csr1000v’, ‘Cisco CSR 1000V’],
[‘cips’, ‘Cisco IPS’],
[‘c1710’, ‘Cisco IOS 1710’],
[‘c3725’, ‘Cisco IOS 3725’],
[‘c7200’, ‘Cisco IOS 7206VXR’],
[‘iol’, ‘Cisco IOL’],
[‘titanium’, ‘Cisco Titanium’],
[‘vios’, ‘Cisco vIOS’],
[‘viosl2’, ‘Cisco vIOS L2’],
[‘vwaas’, ‘Cisco vWAAS’],
[‘xrv’, ‘Cisco XRv’],
[‘bigip’, ‘F5 BIG-IP LTM VE’],
[‘fortinet’, ‘Fortinet FortiGate’],
[‘hpvsr’, ‘HP VSR1000’],
[‘olive’, ‘Juniper Olive’],
[‘vsrx’, ‘Juniper vSRX’],
[‘paloalto’, ‘Palo Alto VM-100 Firewall’],
[‘vyos’, ‘VyOS’] 

So, thank you to the original poster. This finding will certainly make adding images easier!