Sometimes people can be so dumb

I am a member of the IPExpert Routing and Switching Facebook page, and yesterday someone posted a message there (this is IPExpert – this part is important), asking for the password to an INE Service Provider v3 video TORRENT.


I don’t normally get involved, but it was too good an opportunity to miss, so I replied that the password was DuMbA55, another guy on there, Edgar, played along, and “corrected” it to DuMbA5$. Security is important, right!

I checked back a couple of times and didn’t see any reply from the original requester. Then just now, this was posted by Edgar:

Don't ask for INE torrents on IPExperts page
Yep. Hook line and sinker.

I won’t publish the name, I’ll just leave these here.

Brick idiot

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  1. Brian Corcoran August 27, 2015