Redesigned CCIE (blog)!

Just like Cisco have redesigned the CCIE exam, I have redesigned the site over the weekend. I liked the previous style, but as I usually include a lot of console output in my posts, having a 3 column template did severely decrease the real-estate, making output harder to read.

The real impetus was trying to read the posts on getting started with onePK, especially the one on the link between onePK and Cisco CML. There was too much word wrapping for my liking, it was starting to make things distracting.

So I found a nice responsive template. I especially like the fact that the middle column on the front page is hidden when viewing a post, makes for a nicer experience I think.

I do still need to tweak a few things, the space between and after the pre tags (used for console output) needs increasing again, but in general, I do think it’s much more readable.

Hopefully, you as the reader will agree that the changes make this a better CCIE blog and resource site!

As always I appreciate your feedback.