I minified myself!

As a little present to myself for passing the lab, I decided to get a personalized Lego man created. I have always loved Lego, it’s going to be unique, and it’s a damn sight cheaper than the personalized number plate I want to buy!

So here he is (or I am, depending on which way you look at it):

CCIE lego figure

Forgive the slightly dodgy photoshop skills to get rid of the background, but I think it’s pretty neat.

I got it from minifigs.me, and I think they did a wonderful job. The CCIE logo is very clear, as it the printing on the body.

Here it is again, minus the photoshopping:

CCIE lego figure

I already had the laptop and the cup.

It took a couple of weeks from ordering to delivery and cost about £20.

You can get your own created at minifigs.me.

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