Holiday time, kick back, relax, redesign the website

I am currently on holiday in Spain.

It’s the annual extended family holiday. It’s me, my wife, our kids, her brother, his wife and their two girls, and my wife’s sister (her boyfriend was here, but he had to go back home due to a family emergency). It’s a big villa in Malaga, over looking the ocean. It’s very nice, and exactly the rest needed after the CCIE exam.CCIE goes to Spain

I am English, so remember that we are afflicted with one major issue;

We/I don’t cope well in the heat.

I love the cold. Throw me on a mountain in a t-shirt and strap a snowboard to me and I am happy. I’ll hug you like a brother, buy you a beer, and you’ll be my favourite person.

Put me in Spain in July and I will sweat 24-7, I’ll drink all the water in the tap, all of the orange juice and all of daddy’s beer (and if you can name the kids book this is paraphrased from then you win 10 points). It’s hot.

We arrived at the villa to find that our room, which backs out onto the pool, had just a sheet to cover the bed. The first night it was a bit of a fight and my wife won the sheet. The second night I thought I would be gentlemanly, and offer her the sheet before we even got to bed. I was not, of course, accounting for her wanting to keep the air-con on all night long. So she’s got the sheet for when she gets cold, and the air-con on because she’s hot. Whilst I shiver from the waist down.

Anyway, I found a towel, and my legs were OK. Turns out that the severe sunburn I got during the day was keeping my top half warm anyway.

The sunburn has meant that I have not been able to pick my boys up, and have shunned any form of top-half physical contact. Read into that what you will. They don’t make a factor strong enough for me. Apart from a complete lead casing, which tends to have negative effects in the swimming pool.

Nevertheless, I have watched my children (currently three and a half years old) blossom into water babies – seriously, they love the pool, and I love watching them jump into the pool.

The next generation of CCIEs?

The downtime has allowed me to do some readingĀ and some time to redesign the website.

It’s still in progress, so there are still a few tweaks and changes here and there to be made. I have some pages to add still, for the labs and for the book series, each will have its own page.

I think the new design is better, there will be less adverts on the front page.

I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

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