GNS3 Alpha 3 is here

Another long bank holiday weekend in the UK heralds another GNS3 alpha release, it’s not as much of a huge change as going from Alpha 1 to Alpha 2 was (as that brought with it the ability to connect native GNS3 routers to IOU images), but there is some cool stuff anyway.

The changes with GNS3 1.0 Alpha 3 are:

  • Follow the “VMware model” to organize projects.
  • Topology files have the .gns3 extension instead of .net (they are still supported).
  • Fixed problem to capture on TAP or Ethernet interfaces when not root.
  • Updated the upload page.
  • Server request validations.
  • Graceful shutdown for the server & modules
  • Checks for valid IOS & IOU images
  • Checks for missing shared library dependencies in an IOU image.
  • Explicit error message for missing 32-bit binary support on 64-bit Linux when starting IOU.
  • Check if iouyap can access Ethernet and TAP devices.
  • Windows network interfaces support in clouds (need improvements but it works…)
  • Update tooltips to show node IDs.
  • Ranges for Dynamips UDP, console, auxiliary console and hypervisor ports.
  • Use Dynamips UDP NIO auto back-end for UDP tunnel connections (excepting stubs).
  • The GUI can check the server version.
  • Explicitly show an error if an IOS network module cannot be added or removed.
  • Support for –version on the command line for both the server and GUI.
  • Delete IOS ghost files when closing a project.
  • Check for the correct locale on Linux/UNIX.
  • Fixed bugs with duplicated node IDs.
  • Save exception.log in the same directory as the GNS3 settings file.
  • Added the view -> docks menu.
  • Checks on node ID returned by the server.

So what are the important things here? Well it looks like the cloud support (for connecting GNS3 to real equipment) is working again, but most of the things above are little fixes than major changes.

The speed in which alpha 2 followed alpha 1, and now alpha 3 has followed alpha 2 in an equally short space of time, does show the commitment from the GNS3 folks. It probably won’t be long until we see the first beta being released!
I would like to have the ability to add notes back again soon though please! 


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