Eve-NG, Windows, Qemu and multiple CPUs

I am working on a data center refresh at the moment, with brand spanking new hardware. We are also shifting vendors for some things, and collapsing some of the tiers. We also only have a few hours in which the datacenter can be offline. Even if it is the DR datacenter.

Thankfully, EVE-NG offers me the ability to lab up quite a large amount of this.

I did hit a snag though, with a very slow running Windows Qemu guest. So I shut it down, added another CPU and some more memory, then powered it back up.

Still only one CPU. I also tried adding more memory and readding the guest, but nothing changed.

I started some searching and low and behold, the answer was there in the EVE-NG forums (you can read the original thread here).

If you change the Qemu options to this:

-machine type=pc,accel=kvm -cpu qemu64,+fsgsbase -vga std -usbdevice tablet -boot order=dc -drive file=/opt/qemu/share/qemu/virtio-win-drivers.img,index=1,if=floppy,readonly 

Then it will boot.

You do need to make sure that the Qemu option is 2.12:

Adding CPUs to a Qemu guest in EVE-NG

Once the machine is booted, we have what we need:

2 CPUs in a Qemu Windows guest in EVE-NG


Back to the planning now, joining Palo Alto to Nexus 9K.

In the next post, I will be going through how to set up high availability in Palo Alto (VM-100) firewalls.


  1. Gaz December 12, 2019