Exam costs: Comparing the CCIE, RHCE, JNCIE and VCP5-DVC

There are many that balk at the price of the CCIE exams, they are expensive, we all know this, but how do the CCIE exams compare them against other “top level” computer certifications? I will be comparing the CCIE against Juniper’s JNCIE track, RedHat’s RHCE, Microsoft’s MCSE and VMWare’s VCP5-DVC.

Let’s start by breaking down the costs for the CCIE. We know that it is comprised of two parts, the written exam, and the lab exam, and we can break these down into their hourly “rate” – making it easier to compare against other exams.

Cisco CCIE

Total price $1850
Written = $350 (2 hours) = $175 per hour
Lab $1500 (8 hours) = $187.5 per hour
Total = Ten hours

Redhat RHCE

Total price $800
RHCSA = $400 (2 hours) = $200 per hour
RHCE = $400 (2 hours) = $200 per hour

Microsoft MCSE: Server Infrastructure

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
Administering Windows Server 2012
Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

(2 hours per exam at $150 = 10 hours)


Total price $1900
JNCIS-ENT = $100
JNCIP-ENT = $300<

JNCIE-ENT = $1400
Approx 14 hours


Total price $3125 (might be upto $3625)

VCP5-DVC exam (2 hours) = $225
Training course (28 hours) (approx) $2500 (sometimes as high as $3000)

VCAP5-DCD (4 hours) $400
Approx 34 hours


Cost (per hour)

Certification Total hours Hourly cost
RedHat RHCE 4 $200
Cisco CCIE 10 $185
Juniper JNCIE-ENT 14 $135
VMWare VCAP5-DCD 34 $91
Microsoft MCSE 10 $75

Cost (Total)

Certification Total hours Total Price
VMWare VCAP5-DCD 34 $3125
Juniper JNCIE-ENT 14 $1900
Cisco CCIE 10 $1850
RedHat RHCE 4 $800
Microsoft MCSE 10 $750

As we can see, comparing the CCIE to the other exams, the CCIE is actually not the most expensive. On the overall cost it comes in at number three, and it comes in lower than the RHCE when we look at the hourly “cost”.

So really, it’s a fairly good cost to hours ratio! I would love to know your thoughts, and if you know of any exams that should be compared then please let me know!