Free Cisco IOS VPNs Cheat sheet

I have put together a little VPNs cheat sheet and it is yours to download for free.

The free VPNs cheat sheet includes all the configurations needed to set up:

  • IKEv1
  • IKEv2
  • EasyVPN
  • FlexVPN

Each VPN can be created with just two routers and the PDF includes a topology diagram, IP addressing the basic configuration. and the steps are shown, like this:

The cheat sheet shows the relationship with each of the different component needed to create the VPNs and the steps are shown in color with the connections between the different components, like this:

VPNs Cheatsheet


I will be doing another one with ASA-based VPNs (L2L, Remote access etc), and one for troubleshooting.

Download the free VPNs cheat sheet

You can download the file by heading over to the forum post, or by downloading directly here:


I hope you enjoy this download and find it useful.

It does not cover DMVPN in great depth, but if you want to grab yourself a great resource on DMVPN then you should get VPNs and NAT for Cisco Networks.