Cisco is not the only fruit. Check out this excellent Alcatel-Lucent blog

I must admit that I have never really got any hands-on experience with Alcatel-Lucent stuff, I’ve just not worked somewhere that used them. But I caught a post on about how easily you can run Alcatel SR OS on UNetLab.

Time to virtualize the Alcatel Router

It is a really well written post, and highlights some of the benefits of UNetLab, but also the ease at which Timos can be deployed, so that you can start playing with the wide range of features that it offers (MPLS, BGP, ISIS). The biggest and most important thing about this post is that the author, Roman, works for Alcatel-Lucent.

This is great news for UNetLab!

You can check out the full description of Alcatel-Lucent Virtualized Service Router (VSR) to see what is does.

There is a video on the site, which is definitely worth checking out:

I will definitely be checking out more Alcatel-Lucent stuff, especially as it runs so easily in UNetLab.

Please do check out the blog: