Pass without dumps? It can be done.


I had a bit of a weird chat with someone over on LinkedIn, yesterday. I kind of thought this chat had been brewing since getting some messages over on Facebook and from the initial messages, it went pretty much as I thought it would.

No names will be given here. No-one will be no shamed and I have no desire to jeopardize anyone’s livelihood, but this is someone who lives in the UK (which is relevant later on).

Plans are forming: Security Books, Blog, Courses


I took some time out to decide my next move. It is clear that I rushed my attempt at the CCIE Security and because of that, did not pass.

I contemplated moving onto Service Provider. However, I have come this far, it would be a shame to waste the work I have done.

The sad state of the Cisco Official Certification Guides


I think that part of the key to my success with the CCIE Routing and Switching when compared to my lack of achievement with the CCIE Security, was that I started from the bottom. I bought all the Cisco Official Certification Guides, worked my way through CCNA, then through CCNP and finally to CCIE. This lead to a solid foundation built up over many years.

So I started to contemplate this approach for having another crack at the CCIE Security. Not intending to go for the CCNA, but starting at the CCNP. So naturally I went over to Amazon to check out the books.

I was totally shocked.

The costs of the CCIE Security v5


I still have not completely figured out my next move, after not passing the first attempt at the CCIE Security lab on Friday. I certainly am not quitting, just deciding whether to take a break, or push on with the Security v5, or switch to a different track.

Why I did not pass the CCIE Security lab, and why I am glad about it.


I sat the CCIE Security lab yesterday and did not pass. There are a number of reasons I did not pass, and these were down to me. But I do not feel bad about it, instead of getting upset it offers a chance to reflect, change the game-plan and prepare better. In this post, I will list some of the mistakes I made in this attempt, and hopefully, it will help others.